CBD Gaining in Popularity in London’s Restaurants

CBD Gaining in Popularity in London’s Restaurants

Cannabidiol (CBD) is destined for big things in the United Kingdom. Many analysts believe that as public appetite continues to grow, CBD could become one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK.

A range of quality CBD products are now available on the market to address this hunger, helping discerning customers to live healthier and happier lives. A range of restaurants are also capitalising upon the excitement around CBD.

In London, for example, there are a number of restaurants that intelligently incorporate CBD into their menus. These initiatives continue to elevate the status of CBD and do great things for awareness and understanding, helping to eliminate old stigmas.

Here is a closer look at why CBD is exploding in popularity, how London’s restaurants are incorporating CBD into their menus and what this means for the future of CBD.


What Makes CBD a Natural Fit for the Food Industry?

As our society and the people within it continue to change, so do the prevailing priorities and attitudes. Now, a huge emphasis is placed upon health and wellness. In fact, health and wellness is now billed as the next trillion dollar industry.

Health and wellness has become a way of life for many people. Rather than simply avoiding being sick, people now actively attempt to better themselves through rigorous exercise and a focus on a healthy diet.

To further improve their health, a large number of people now use devices and applications to monitor their body and diet, calling upon a range of supplements and promising superfoods to help them bolster their health.

The food industry has always adapted in accordance with those shifting attitudes, helping to both mirror and shape the eating habits of people in a bid to keep them healthy.

CBD ticks all of the boxes: it has a range of benefits, it is adaptable and it is becoming increasingly popular. It is little wonder that so many restaurants are beginning to make the most of this potent supplement to delight their customers.


How Are Restaurants Using CBD?

CBD oil is being used in a range of warm and cold drinks at restaurants and cafes throughout London. Farmacy, for example, effortlessly incorporates the product in a range of juices and cocktails. The kitchen is resolutely focused upon wellness, making this a shining example of how restaurants are making the most of CBD.

Farm Girl is another cafe that offers a signature CBD-infused drink. The Happy Hot Chocolate brings together CBD oil alongside matcha, cacao, peppermint and frother hazelnut milk. This provides a delicious and healthy option for health-conscious visitors.

Yogland is pushing the envelope even further, offering delicious vegan frozen yoghurt that delivers a 40% dose of CBD oil. A hemp matcha flavour reigns supreme, demonstrating that the food and flavour of CBD products can be innovative.

Many restaurants also offer delicious snacks that empower diners to get their dose of CBD. Plant Hub offers a range of tasty treats which are all plant-based and entirely organic. Diners can enjoy a range of energy bars, banana bread and other snacks.

Alcoholic drinks are also a popular conduit for CBD oil. Behind This Wall is a trendy basement bar that has an ever-evolving drinks menu that regularly features CBD-infused concoctions. Likewise, Maison Bab is known for its Gin & Chronic drink which brings together gin and a serving of CBD oil.

The diversity in terms of products shows that for businesses in the food industry, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Customers are delighted by the range of options on offer and as personal use continues to increase, so will demand in restaurants and bars.


What Is Next?

As customers become more conscious of the natural potential of CBD and old stigmas are washed away, we can expect for demand to increase. This will lead to CBD being more prominent within restaurants, and for increased sales of direct-to-consumer products. This will, in turn, lead to the production of new recipes and products.

We are also excited to see how restaurants, cafes and wellness profesionals continue to incorporate CBD into their offerings. Innovation in these areas will continue to push the envelope and help individuals to get as much as possible from CBD.These are invigorating times – looking to learn more about how CBD is being adopted around the world to stay ahead? Get a closer look with our snapshot of the global CBD landscape.

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