CBD and Arthritis: How to Understand and Address Your Customer Needs

CBD and Arthritis: How to Understand and Address Your Customer Needs


According to NHS figures, more than 10 million people in the UK suffer from arthritis or similar conditions.

Thankfully, CBD is emerging as a viable and effective treatment option for those 10 million people suffering from arthritis. Let’s take a closer look at how CBD helps with arthritis and how you could create and market an amazing CBD product to help arthritis sufferers.


What Is Arthritis?

If you are going to target your CBD product towards arthritis sufferers, you need to understand their condition. Here’s a deeper overview of arthritis before we dive into the science and strategy behind CBD.

Arthritis is a very common condition that affects people of all ages – even children. There are many types of arthritis, but the two most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The underlying cause of arthritis will vary according to the type of arthritis. There are a few common causes, though, such as:

  • Genetics (the most common cause of osteoarthritis)
  • Injuries that lead to degenerative arthritis
  • Metabolic disorders that lead to gout
  • A dysfunctional immune system
  • Serious infections

To dig deeper into the difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, we recommend reading this NSH article on arthritis.


Arthritis symptoms

Arthritis can come in different shapes and sizes, but the condition always has the potential to cause chronic pain that robs people of their ability to move freely and be themselves – it’s an awful condition with no cure.

The symptoms for arthritis will vary depending on the specific type. Unfortunately, the most common symptoms include:

  • Restricted movement of joints
  • Inflammation in and around joints
  • Joint pain, stiffness and tenderness


Tackling arthritis

Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis. This can compound the misery and helplessness that some people feel when they are diagnosed with the condition.

To slow down and control their arthritis, people sometimes turn to a blend of medication, physiotherapy and surgery. These are often expensive and uncomfortable measures that are not accessible for lots of people, though, and they come with the potential for side effects.


Living with arthritis

Versus Arthritis is a charity that is made up of carers, researchers, healthcare professionals, friends, parents and others. The charity aims to defy arthritis and help people to live with the condition.

The charity does a good job of advocating for arthritis sufferers. It gives a good idea of the causes and symptoms of arthritis, as well as the day-to-day reality of what it’s like to live with arthritis.If you want to understand the frustrations and pains of people living with arthritis, this is a great place to do some research. This can be very useful when it comes to creating and marketing an appropriate CBD product.


A Natural Solution: How CBD Can Help with Arthritis

Lots of arthritis sufferers are excited about the role that CBD could play in their treatment routine. CBD is a natural and organic solution that can help the ten million arthritis sufferers in the UK to achieve pain relief.

Here’s a look at some of the existing scientific literature out there before we look at exactly why CBD helps with arthritis:


2011 study on treatment of inflammatory pain in rats

This study explores how CBD was able to alter the way that pain receptors respond to stimuli to reduce inflammatory pain in rats.


2014 review of promising results when it comes to CBD and arthritis

This review offers a summary of the various promising results obtained over the years that shine a light on how CBD could help with osteoarthritis.


2016 study on how topical CBD application offers therapeutic relief for pains and inflammation related to arthritis

This study demonstrates how the topical application of CBD oil has the potential to remedy pains related to arthritis without any evident side-effects.


2017 study that show CBD oil can prevent pain and nerve damage in rat osteoarthritis

This 2017 study shows that the local administration of CBD can block the pains associated with osteoarthritis and reveals CBD as a safe and useful therapeutic.

As you can see, there’s a lot of promising initial evidence to suggest that CBD can be an effective therapeutic treatment for arthritis sufferers.

Those scientific and research findings are also supported by a wide range of anecdotal evidence from anxiety sufferers around the world. With each passing day, more people find that CBD can help them to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.


How to Create and Market the CBD Product Arthritis Sufferers Are Looking For

There are lots of amazing CBD products hitting the market. These serve a range of purposes and they are often targeted at different demographics and groups of people.

Are you going to be the driving force behind an amazing CBD product that helps anxiety sufferers to achieve fast-acting relief from their pains? If so, you’re going to need a strategy when it comes to creating and marketing your product.

Here’s a closer look at the techniques and tips that you can follow to achieve CBD success and really create a product that works for arthritis sufferers.


1. Do your research

First things first, you’ll want to properly understand arthritis and what your target audience needs from a CBD product. You should keep those pain points in mind to make sure that you address them throughout the design, creation and marketing of your product.

There are lots of resources out there and if you are really serious about creating an amazing product, you should engage in some market research. This research phase can help you to understand important factors like:

  • What your target audience wants from a CBD product
  • Which form of CBD is most attractive to arthritis sufferers
  • The price point that you should be aiming for
  • How arthritis sufferers find the products that they are looking for


2. Use the right wholesale CBD

The wholesale CBD that you choose to use is going to provide the foundation for your entire product. It’s important that you build upon a strong foundation by choosing the right provider for your wholesale CBD.

The best wholesale CBD ticks the following boxes:


Free from THC

There are lots of wholesale CBD products on the market that are mislabeled – those products often contain higher levels of THC and this can create a variety of serious legal issues.

You should only shop with trusted providers who can offer you the lowest levels of THC possible. This helps you to create and market your product safe in the knowledge that they will be legal and safe for your customers.


Premium standards

You need to create quality products that get results and keep your customers safe. This is why you should turn to a trusted provider of wholesale CBD that can offer you premium-grade CBD extract.

The best wholesale CBD is pure and does not suffer from the presence of any binders, fillers, dyes or unknown substances. When you purchase wholesale CBD from a trusted provider, you know what you are getting.


Consistent quality

Consistency is incredibly important when it comes to choosing the right wholesale CBD. You need to rest assured that your products are created using deliberate and consistent methods in the same location.

The raw hemp should also be consistent. This will help you to rest assured that you are getting the same level of quality each time. It also means that your product will not be susceptible to any unexpected changes or drops in terms of quality.


Appropriate testing

Wholesale CBD needs to be thoroughly and rigorously tested. Third-party labs should test the CBD to give an objective and accurate analysis. Those tests will confirm that wholesale CBD does not contain any pesticides or THC.

Those tests are a sign of quality and help to set your product apart from the crowd. The evidence of quality testing can become a powerful marketing tool for you and your product.


3. Choose the best form and design your product

Now that you have found a trustworthy provider of wholesale CBD, it’s time to think about the form that your product will take and what it will look like.

You should base these decisions on the feedback that you acquired during the research phase. You might decide to create a CBD balm, for instance, given that it will be able to help arthritis sufferers achieve direct and accurate pain relief.

Once you have chosen the form, you should think about the product itself and how everything will come together. Are you going to use natural products, for instance? What is the packaging going to look like?

You should do your research to find out which type of branding and packaging will resonate loudest with your target audience. 


4. Nail your marketing

Once your product has been created, it’s time to get the new out there and share it with your audience. The CBD industry is a vibrant and nascent one that is packed with competition and companies vying for the attention of customers.

If your CBD product is going to succeed, you’ll want to follow some of the best marketing tips. Here’s a look at just some of the resources that we have put together to help you achieve marketing success for your CBD product:


What do your customers want from CBD?

In this piece, we explore what your customers want from CBD. We take a look at the most recent research to help you order your priorities and make sure that your CBD product addresses the needs and priorities of your customers.

This piece will help you to think about arthritis and CBD from the perspective of your potential customers. This can help you to create and market the most effective product possible.


How to communicate the benefits of your CBD product

If your CBD product is going to attract people suffering from arthritis, you’ve got to be very clear when it comes to communicating the benefits of your product. In this piece, we take a look at exactly how you can achieve that.

This piece can help you boost the clarity of your communications so that your customers understand what they can look forward to purchasing. It also helps you to manage expectations and communicate on your customers’ terms.


How to build the reputation of your CBD product

In the nascent CBD space, reputation is everything. There are countless brands vying for supremacy at the moment, but we will soon begin to see the winners and losers emerge. At this stage of the game, success hinges on establishing a positive reputation.

Read this piece to find out more about how you can set about establishing your brand and building a reputation among your target audience.


5. Offer amazing customer support

Once your product has hit the market, the journey is just truly beginning. It’s important that you listen to your customers to understand how they are receiving your product and whether or not it helps them to manage their arthritis pain.

You should offer close and compassionate customer service to ensure that this is the case. Read our piece on how to collect customer feedback on your CBD product for more pointers. The piece also walks you through how to use customer feedback effectively.

This close content with your customers will help you to constantly evolve and improve your product.


Source Your CBD From CBD Capital

Here at CBD Capital, it’s our pleasure to offer the best wholesale CBD on the market. If you want to help your customers remedy their arthritis pain, be sure to get in touch with us today to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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